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  • RW

    “I guess I’m a bit old school, I love the personal touch. I’ve always been able to talk to them with any question. They have gone out of their way to be helpful and considerate. So… for me they have the same qualities I find in my friends, fair and honest forever watching my back. These are rare traits in this day and age.”

  • RK

    “Great customer service. Always looking out for the customers’ best interests.”

  • “Huge help and very professional service.”

  • “Helped me find the best prices for insurance and renters! Chris was very responsive with emails which I really appreciate!”

  • EK

    “Procter Insurance is very professional and courteous. Chris Procter and the staff are very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.They are very experienced and I would highly recommend Procter Insurance.

  • OM

    “Super easy process for finding insurance for a first time homeowner! Chris was really quick with his responses and helped me find a great rate on my car insurance as well.

  • JS
  • MN

    “Chris gives prompt responses and is professional. He looks for the best quotes and gives comparisons of rates as well as coverage. I would definitely recommend checking out to see if Procter Insurance can get you a better deal on insurance as they did for me!

  • RD

    “Great agents that work with you to meet your needs.

  • “This review is long overdue! My husband and I (Steve and Jackie Paul) have had the best experiences with Chris as our “insurance man”. At any time of the day, I can send an email with any type of question knowing I’ll get a timely response. Many times I’m just asking what our coverage is for something and Chris takes the time to look it up for me every time! He provides great customer service!!!!

  • “Kind people. They took the time to listen to me .Was fast to get the ball rolling to help me to help myself. I am new to what I needed. They made sure I was protected. Thank you all.

  • DS

    “Taking care of the customer and getting involved as a buffer between the customer and Insurance company.

  • LV

    “Patient and attentive employees that are always happy to help. Thank you, Amy.

  • “Procter, Chris in particular, helped get me the insurance that i needed fast and without problem. Thanks much

  • PC

    “Chris found Eerie Insurance for me last fall. In December I was in a pretty bad car accident and my 2016 Altima was totalled. Everyone was just absolutely amazing! I’ve never been in an accident like this and hopefully never will again. I highly recommend and thank everyone for all they did, so very grateful. Paula Kirsch